Please Say No to Plagiarism and Try putting to End.

Let me repeat it again, in case you plagiarists out there don’t get it. Please, please, do not steal my work! I do spend a lot of time to research then write my paper and if it gets stolen I get real mad.
Do not steal it and re-word it like a five-year old!

One of my readers (Mr. Samuel)sent this link to me: and suggested that I visit the site and read the contents.

Lo and behold! Another one of those counterfeit articles (borrowing Mr. Jiri’s words)! The original content (written by me) and could be found right here: was altered as follows (pay attention to the words in boldface and allow me elaborate by using inkdrops):

Program 9 of the Coffee Break French array is a “consolidation of what has been schooled over the past 8 programs”, as Professeur Mark put it. (to go behind to my records in the past lessons, revisit To download the giveaway audio lessons or sense more about this series, revisit

Inkdrops: I’m not that annoyed yet. Let’s read further.

But priorto that, let me get this out of my chest. Two typhoons left my already bad nation in a poorer state. Is this additionally a test? Of faith? Of strength? Is it a exam at all? Or is this a warning?

Inkdrops: So far, the only thing that caught my attention is the improper use of the article “a” before the word, “exam”. But I’m still not annoyed yet.

I can’t stop meditative about the future. Will I have a prolonged one? Will we have a prolonged one?

Inkdrops: The level of annoyance is still under control.

I can’t wait for until any between the 3 roads going to my hometown have been rebuilt. I’m relieved which my family is okay, nonetheless I have been told which the towering in front of the residence collapsed and inundate waters crept in tothe basement. As my hermit said, “We have been difficulty victims.”

Inkdrops: Huh? I have a crab? A hermit crab? Haha, (my original content mentioned something about my brother) so are you saying that my brother is a crab? LOL

And another inkdrop: I didn’t know that the word “difficulty” is synonymous to “calamity”! Is there something wrong with your dictionary?

But it unequivocally angry me when my sister told me which when they called people up to assistance them out, she was told by an “operator” which they’d be the final priority given there were no casualties. My sisters have been now operative as voluntary, delinquent nurses… and as she partly pronounced in her Facebook scream out (condolence to the family of her colleague, Froilan): “Everyday we take caring of people and save as most lives as we can…”

Inkdrops: Okay, now I’m annoyed. My sisters are not delinquent nurses, you nuts!

Additional Inkdrops: Facebook should sue you. There’s no such thing as a Facebook scream out, haven’t you heard?

Whoever which “operator” is… he/she doesn’t know what assistance means. It equates to saving lives. Not saving casualties! I have to stop right here prior to I complete something inappropriate. Give me a moment, s’il vous plait.

Inkdrops: La la la la la…

Une… deux… trois. Alors! Let’s get on with my records in the Coffee Break French test.Je suis prêt flow apprendre le Français avec Coffee Break French. – I am ready to sense French with Coffee Break French (Zhuh-swee-pret-poor-ah-prron-druh-luh-Fron-say-avec-Coffee Break French)CBF PROGRAM 9LESSON 9Ça va? – How have been you? (sa-vah)Ça va. – I’m fine/I’m okay. (sa-vah)Ça va bien, merci – I’m well, appreciate you (sa-vah-byah-mehrr-xsse) Ça ne va pas – Things aren’t as well great (Sa-nuh-vah-pah)

Inkdrops: Jeez!

I didn’t go to school to write like this! Anyway, I already sent an e-mail to the site’s admin. I simply said:

eufrench said in February 1st, 2010 at 6:55 am

Hello. Who gave you permission to revise my original content? Please remove this at once.

At least I said hello, right? :’p

In case you don’t understand what the word, plagiarism means, let me simplify it by equating it to stealing. Any questions?