Top Paying Careers: Hair Stylist to the Elderly in Nursing Homes

As the aging population is expected to continue to rise over the next several decades, the number of elderly adults placed into nursing homes is expected to significantly rise as well. If you are looking for a career that can produce long and significant income, you may want to consider a career in cosmetology – becoming a hair stylist specialized in hair care to the elderly population.

While careers in cosmetology can provide a stable income, if you are specialized in a particular risk group, your styling services may be placed into higher demand. When considering opportunities for career niches in cosmetology, becoming a stylist for the elderly population will not only provide stable employment, it may also provide the best opportunities for generating significant revenue.

Once you’ve obtained your cosmetology license, if you have an interest in providing hair styling services to the elderly, your next step is to reach out to the local and national chains of nursing homes and rehabilitation locations. While most will recommend that you rent space in their location, and work as an independent contractor, there are some facilities that will allow you to become part of their healthcare team and receive the payroll and employee benefits afforded to other staff of the facility.

Long standing employment and stable income are important advantages to becoming a stylist to the elderly in a nursing home. Understanding this, it is also important to remember there could be some disadvantages. As part of your role as the hair stylist to this unique group of individuals, you will want to become well versed in the physical health and emotional health complications that your clientele may experience as these will often play a factor in how you provide beauty services.

Over the coming decades there are many careers in health care that will provide significant income opportunities for those interested in caring for the elderly. Among the many professions, cosmetology services are expected to be in demand and working with the elderly can provide a long term and stable income for you and your family. When considering professions in cosmetology, consider catering to this at-risk group in the nursing home setting.